Freakout and Chill - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

Max, come get your messy boyfriend, is the SOS Ray sends when jealousy-crazed David shows up at his door with fire in his eyes. David's impotent fury reaches its peak when he pulls out a knife to cut up his rival and it's a common kitchen butter knife. He collapses on the floor in a heap and something about his messy vulnerability sets Ray's balls a-tingling. Ray pulls David into the shower to clean him up and talk some sense into him. David needs to realize that all Max is guilty of was feeling trapped and closed in by a possessive, jealous boyfriend. If David could chill the fuck out they'd both be a lot happier. David moves in that direction when he grabs Ray's cock in the shower and starts nursing on it. Before you know it, Ray is on his knees opening David's hole with his talented tongue and David is begging to be fucked by that massive dick. Never one to hold back from a hot hookup, Ray gives David just what he's drooling over, and slams his XXXL piece into the hungry booty. David braces against the shower's marble walls and lets his ass take it like a man.Things keep heating up more as David's anger cools down and both guys greedily help themselves to each others' bodies. Dick plows in to insatiable ass as Ray and David both find themselves gasping for breath and driven by raw passion. This is no hate fuck but horny studs letting their own desires and libidos take over. They move to the shower floor as David rides Ray for all he's worth. They can't hold back as Ray fires off a massive load into his condom. He holds it up to David's mouth and squeezes out a pearly delight that David gobbles like dessert. David stands over a kneeling Ray and spurts out his own juicy reward, then the two new friends smooch and shower off.