GayVengers Episode 3: Interrogation - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

Phallos' slave and minion (Shen Powers) has come to earth to scout the offense and power of the Gayvengers. The American Hero (Dominic Pacifico) drags him into a shabby back alley and goes down on his thick alien cock. Dominic pins the alien slave against a post and opens his smooth tan ass with a nimble tongue. Just when he's got him groaning for more, Dominic presses his massive cock into the throbbing wet hole. The superhero takes the alien invader with sheer American brute power, and Shen begs for more. He rides the patriotic cock for all its worth, beating his dick mightily and grinding into the star-spangled stud. Venturing through the far reaches of space must get pretty boring because Shen is positively starved for cock. Ass full of American Hero, Shen sprays a thick sheen of sperm across his chest, takes to his knees while Dominic milks one out. A juicy dribble splatters Shen's face, but is he loosened up enough to provide the answers Dominic is seeking? Shen dashes away before any of the top secret plans for domination are revealed.