Stiff Neck - CUMFU

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I love a good workout because I get all hot and sweaty. But when I got back from the gym today, my neck started hurting; I guess I overdid it. Of course, the best way to relax is to jackoff. What should I think about? Well, normally there's this cute straight guy, Neal, who I see in the showers. I didn't see him today, but I certainly have a lot of fantasies about him. Like this one where I take him home and he fucks me on my couch. I'm wearing my banana yellow Andrew Christian underwear and he's wearing his royal blue pair. Fuck I love when he's inside my ass, pounding me hard. Then we switch, I sit down and he rides my cock. I slap that ass of his and make him scream out my name. That's right bitch, you might have been straight when we started, but you're going to be gay by the time I'm finished with you. Watch me and my fantasy friend Neal, as we work out my strained muscle in, Stiff Neck.