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Submission. Obedience. Love. Deception. These are the titles of the four episodes in our newest mini-series, Suit and Tied. The movie stars Asia's gay porn superstar Duncan Ku as the Yakuza Boss, and his sweet lover boys Caged Jock and Tyler Slater. In order to be employed by the great Master Duncan, the two boyfriends must show their fealty by having a hot three way! Duncan is impressed, but the boys don't have a job yet. First they must prove they can obey orders, as Duncan trains Caged Jock in episode 2. The boyfriends show their love for each other in episode 3, which sets up the stage for a master trick. You'll have to stay tuned until the final episode to learn of their deception... and watch some hot bareback fucking between these two sexy studs while you are it!