The Anniversary - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

Tonight is our anniversary, so I thought we would celebrate. I lit some candles on the fireplace to set the mood; I could barely wait to see Diego. It's been five months since I first saw him on cam. I was surprised when he came in and said, You're so sweet, awesome, I guess that's why I fell for you. After all, we have been really distant lately. I even started to wonder if he still loved me. Then before I could say anything else, Diego said, Well sometimes they say actions speak louder than words; let me show you. He kissed me passionately all over and all my worries dissolved. He unbuttoned my jeans and started sucking my cock. Then he laid me down and thrusted his cock in me harder than ever; it felt amazing. Then I decided to take control and bend him over. I pounded his ass and loved hearing him moan. It felt so good to know that he still loved me, but it felt even better fucking the sweet ass of his. Watch me (Eric East) and Diego rekindle the fire that started it all in this week's episode of the Asiancy Season 4, The Anniversary.