Yang Gayng Ep.5: As the Intern Turns - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

The mischievous Mayor Pete Bootycheck calls Yang to let him know he has sent his Intern Daniel Lewinski to infiltrate Yang's headquarters and get the dirt on his campaign. Facing these serious allegations, Lewinski must prove his loyalty as a triple agent by servicing China Gold in order to gain his support. It seems like just the sort of challenge Daniel was born for. As Jessie shows his masterful skills at playing the piano, Daniel does a little strip tease and then is quickly down on his knees praying to the almighty cock. As a fellow cock connoisseur, Jessie returns the favor and blows Daniel. After some hot rimming Daniel plows Jessie's hole. Then Jessie turns the table (or at least Daniel) around for some flip fuck action. He returns the fuck hard until Daniel can't control it and cums all over himself. Jessie pulls out and shoots his load all over Daniel as they compare their milky hard dicks with each other. It looks like China Gold is going to throw his support after the Yang Gayng after all.