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Teacher Christian Matthews and director Damian Dragon are up-to-date exes with a few retro unresolved feelings. When Christian sees a vacant weekend on the desert modern house they still own and rent out together, he rushes off to Sin City for a weekend of peace and quiet. As he arrives, Damian is there first, with sexy little actor stud Jason Wolf in tow. Not willing to give an inch, Christian squeezes in for the weekend, and calls a rent-a-man service for a weekend booking. His only request is that the guy be noisy (to get under Damian's thin skin).When Axel Kane arrives to service Christian in his room, he mentions that he doesn't kiss. But as soon as they start peeling off shirts, all caution goes to the wind and they start sucking face. Reticent at first, their volume raises quickly and gets the desired rise from Damian in the adjoining bedroom. He bangs on the wall and wails I can HEAR you in there! One point for Christian and Axel.Christian hit the hustler Vegas jackpot with built and horny Axel, who's soon slamming in to his hungry butthole. They shout out their arousal and make sure everyone is hearing every new position and approach. Fuck YEAH! Christian yells, and gets Axel even more stiff and turned on. He slams harder and faster into Christian with every shout. Christian can't keep his hand off his hairy piece, and soon they are both teetering on the edge. Bending over the four-poster bed, Christian braces and takes the rough fuck like a man, especially when Axel tosses him down like a rag doll to plow in for the final lap. Drilling in, he's ready to cum. Spraying a sticky puddle on Christian, he gets an equal reward when the hot silver daddy spurts out a load into his beating fist. As Damian bangs on the wall in a crazy fit, Christian promises Axel a bonus for the job well done!