Black Panda Episode 8: The Ceremony - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

King T'Balla is ready for the Ancient Panda Ceremony to unleash the power of the Peckeranium. Ken Ott will perform the ritual to immerse King T'Balla in the magic jizz and find his own way through a vision quest that will reveal all the power that he will soon hold in his royal groin. The King's vision brings him back in time to re-live the debauchery of his last few days with the Panda Brotherhood. When he emerges from his journey, Ken is there to help him along to finish up the remainder of the ceremony by getting on his knees to suck the King's big hard cock. T'Balla needs a taste of Ken's hole and gets down behind the stud to eat his ass. It tastes so good that soon T'Balla is ready to fuck. He slides his stiff dick into Ken's back door and pounds away as Ken moans out in ecstasy. Ken needs to feel T'Balla's massive dick even deeper and hops on to ride the cock all the way to the creamy finish. T'Balla pulls his monster out of Ken's wrecked hole and sprays his load all over Ken's muscled up body. When Ken sees the mess the King has made, he follows along and drops his own pure white cum all over his own abs. Can King T'Balla handle all that has been bestowed upon him? Or will he be overwhelmed and lose his way with all the new raw power?