Desert Modern - CUMFU

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After their night of oneupsmanship, Christian and Damian sit at their breakfast table on the patio. It turns out that a lot of their preening and posturing is grounded in some unresolved sexual feelings they still share. Damian admits that nobody's turned him on like Christian, and they decide to have a go at it for old times' sake. Christian lets his robe fall open to show off his lean body and big hard cock, and they start making out.Damian's tight tatted muscles glisten in the desert sun, and his cock is irresistible to Christian who gobble it up like it's his last meal. Damian bends him over the patio table and makes a morning meal of his sweet muscle butt, giving it an extra gob of spit to lube it for the next stage. He stands up behind Christian and drills his dick in hard and fast. Christian gasps for breath as he beats away at his own stiffy. Keeping it close and tight, Damian grinds his pubes into the hot, hairy, hungry hole.They wrestle to the brick floor, and Damian humps Christian's hot booty. Christian reaches around to pull him in harder, just the way he likes it. Christian turns over and their sweaty bodies slam together in the bright Nevada sunshine. He can't hold out for long, and when Damian pulls out and fingers Christian's magic button, he sprays all over his tight abs. Damian follows and all is just peachy for a moment. Then Christian reminds him they probably should not be doing this and Damian storms off in a huff.