CumFu Kink Episode 2: Damian's Pin-teresting Playtime - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

Experienced kinkster Damian X. Dragon looks hot as hell and perfectly at ease tying leather laces to tightly cage his nuts. He follows ball bondage with a line of black clothespins up the length of his urethra, deeply focused on the hot sensation lighting up every synapse of his body. He clips another pair to his sensitive nips, and runs a line of clothespins across the skin at the base of his meaty pecs. Once he's added more and feels their sharp pinch all over his torso, he beats his cock a few strokes, then is interrupted by a shocked Shen Powers. It takes just a moment before he gets the hang of Damian's pin fetish, then Shen thoroughly enjoys plucking each one off, plastering his mouth onto Damian's switched-on cock. Now it's his turn to feel a deep kinky thrill, as Damian pushes him roughly down to the bed and nibbles his ass. The room is a shambles of sexplay, with clothespins and Shen's thong scattered across the floor as they dive head first into a hot hookup. Time for Shen to submit totally and let Damian have his way, so he's cuffed and chained to the high footpost of the ornate bed. Damian plays with his horned up captive, easing seductive and slow into Shen's cockhungry hole, then pumping deep and intense. Shen embraces the bedpost, revels in the feel of brutal manly dick plowing into him. Damian unlocks the chains and tosses Shen like a rag doll to the edge of the bed and thrusts in to the hilt. Shen's head lurches back in rapture as he reaches down to stroke his dick for the first time. Every nerve in his body is alive and screaming with pleasure, and he can't slow down. A powerful eruption bubbles up from his nuts and shot after shot of cum flies across his taut abs. Damian's cock pumps out a thick batch, he scrapes it with his thumb to feed to his adept young kink convert.