Kink Episode 3: Oil Wrestling - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

Today's main event pits the two most powerfully built PeterFever models against each other in the oldest sport known to man. Like classical Olympians, Axel Kane and Sir Jet oil up the rippling muscles of their naked bodies before they go skin to skin, grappling for position. And in another nod to Ancient Greece, the winner gets to have his way with the loser. It's a gorgeous sight watching pale Sir Jet and golden-skinned Axel pit their strength against each other to decide who comes out on top. Somehow it's no mystery when Axel is a total top and Jet a confirmed bottom, but let's just let the boys have their fun. Jet gets a mouthful of Axel's cock right from the start as they slide around on the slick wrestling mats. It's not long before the wrestling stops and cocksucking becomes the sport on display.