Kink Episode 4: Threeway Fountains Of Fun - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

A hot menage is brewing at the CumFu Kink House, as David Ace and Trevor Northman gang up their juicy mouths to service horny Latin stud Dominic Pacifico. Since the best spot for them to have their fun is in the big jacuzzi tub in the master bath, Dominic decides to baptize his buddies with a hot spray from his own meat hose. David and Trevor revel in the juicy stream coating their muscular young bodies and Dominic loves the idea of marking his fuckmates. Bonded from the juicy man-shower, the horny threesome take to the bedroom to dry off and continue their manly horseplay. Again the bottom duo give their muscular daddy a duo cocksucking adventure he won't soon forget, as two hungry mouths bob up and down on Dominic's big hard meat and knead his giant nuts. They assume side by side positions on hands and knees where Dominic can feast on their muscular asses while they kiss and make out with each other. They get a royal rimjob and then are prodded simultaneously with slick fingers from their Alpha male top stud. Who gets the honor of first ass to fuck? Trevor is built and raring to go but David's perfect golden Asian hole is just too irresistible for Dominic to wait. He slides in and grabs Ace's smooth round butt cheeks as he plows on in. That hole is hot, obedient and insatiable! Trevor doesn't have a long wait, though as Dominic wants to experience sliding in to the tight but welcoming bronzed ass that awaits. Trevor beats his meat in ecstasy as he's rammed and crammed with grade-A Latin cock, and David Ace is next door getting fingered and staying primed and ready for the second go-round. This are getting heated up and hands, mouths, cocks and butts are all mutually working to provide all three with a constant stream of heady pleasure. After David takes his turn with a redhot ride, Trevor gets his hole filled as he grinds down on Dominic. This is all aiming fast towards a big finish as beating cocks race to a cum-a-thon. Dominic's spray covers David Ace, who sp...