Make It Louder! - CUMFU

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After Christian's noisy hookup with Axel, Damian is royally pissed off and determined to one up him in the noise department. He tells his actor boyfriend Jason that this is the casting couch and his instructions are to play to the upper balcony. Jason throws himself into a big loud performance that keeps Christian awake in the next room.Damian loves the attention and encourages every juicy slurp as Jason eagerly swallows his stiff cock. It's the kind of blowjob most guys never experience, with Jason's great oral skills and big batting eyelashes adding something exxxtra. Damian is inspired to get in there and show off his own expertise in the cocksucking department, deepthroating his young charge down to the fuzzy pubes. OOHH yeah, JUST like that! Jason eggs him on, with an extra slap against the wall for good measure. Damian gets down on all fours to get his ass eaten, and Jason rims his hot daddy hole with gusto. Spreading Damian's cheeks with both hands, he runs his tongue up and down the hairy crack. But now it's time to fuck, and Jason's the one getting reamed. Damian plows in hard and buries his pole balls deep. The bed can barely stay still with the power of these two studs banging away. Hell yeah, that hole is YOURS! Jason moans.When they're ready to blast, Damian kneels by Jason's face as the young stud spurts all over his abs. Damian's cum shoots across Jason's cheek and he eagerly licks it up. How's that for your peace and quiet!? Damian yells across to Christian as he pounds the wall between them.