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This beautiful stranger showed up at my doorstep; I thought he was looking for a hook up but he was looking for Robin. Turns out he is Robin's old Pizza parlor boss but what was he doing here all the way from Vegas? Even he didn't know. Anyways, Blah blah blah, he kept going on and on about finding Robin. He needed a little distraction, so I offered him a massage. I showed him it's not Robin he should have been looking for, but me. I massaged his chest feeling his pecs through his shirt and slowly drifted my hands down to rub his cock. Bet you didn't know my hands are magic, they make anyone instantly hard. I gave him the full body treatment. I pulled off his shorts; the sight of his cock made my mouth water. I ran my wet lips up and down his shaft. I could tell he was loosening up and started pounding his ass. He may not have showed up looking for a hookup, but in the end, I always get what I want.