My Secret Love - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

I've been looking everywhere for Robin. He left the pizza shop so suddenly, only leaving a voicemail. I had so much I wanted to say to him. After searching door to door in San Diego, I finally got my chance to be face to face with him again. Except, now there were so many guys around, I was embarrassed to tell him how I felt. I fell in love with him the first time I met him, that captivating smile, the innocence, I couldn't afford to lose him again for good. I brought him into a room where we could be alone together. I was nervous, scared, I could barely look at him in the eye. All my life I was so afraid to come out, but for Robin I'd do anything. You're not my boss anymore, he said, Just tell me how you feel. I mustered up the courage, grabbed his hand, and said 'I'm in love with you Robin. We made sweet love that day, and I've never been happier. See how this secret crush unfolds into a romantic love story featuring Robin Cadiz and Rick Maverick in this week's episode, My Secret Love.