Party Crashed - CUMFU

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Groom Eli finds his best man Jessie Lee crashed out in the corner after a busy night of celebrating. Pulling him up onto the bed, a bit of aid and comfort turns into a hot bit of lovemaking as both sexy boys let their hidden feelings run wild. Kissing and making out gets serious when Eli reaches into Jessie's shorts and sets that big cock free. He sucks his buddy who returns the favor by turning him head over heels and diving in for a rim job. Eli's spitslick ass is hot and ready so Jessie plows in and pumps him full of beautiful Asian cock. Slow and deep strokes turn into fast hard pummeling, then Jessie needs to pull out and pop his wad all over the groom's tight abs. Eli soon follows, and the two longtime friends find that an hour of sex works wonders when you're feeling down.