The Beach - CUMFU

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We're in Florida, so we definitely have to hit up the beach! Peter and I decided to scope out the beaches today for some hot guys to fuck but the weather sucked. It was cloudy and there was no one around. We saw this smoking hot guy lying down in the sand. Guess who? It was none other than The Asiancy stud, Jessie Colter. I knew that bubble butt looked familiar. We were having a good time laughing it up at the beach talking about double penetration and the kinky shit were into. It felt good catching up with this guy, it brings back a lot of memories. We're definitely going to have to catch up again tonight at my place. Take a look at Episode 3, The Beach, with me and Jessie Colter. Stay tuned for episode 4 next week, where I put Jessie's ass to use in the bedroom, it's fucking hot.