Threeway Betrayal - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

A few months into his new relationship with David, Max is antsy and needs an escape valve. He meets Ray on a hookup site, and gladly heads over to partake in a NSA threesome with him and his boyfriend Joe. These three horndogs are all massively hung and ready for action, barely making it through Ray's front door before getting right down to business. The long narrow galley kitchen gives lots of interesting opportunities for a triad of sexy studs. Joe is more than happy to play lucky bottom for mega-hung Ray and Max, trying his damnedest to fit both thick prods into his eager mouth. They pump his throat full of hot twitching cock from both sides. He grabs both of them by the dicks, strokes and sucks. If this is betrayal it looks like a lot of fun! Max isn't trying to cheat or look for a new boyfriend, just break the monotony at home. When Joe is perched across both counters with Max eating his ass, it's more exciting than a three-ring circus. Boyfriend Ray is there to kiss and twiddle his nips, offer his encouragement and enjoy the sight of Joe getting royally banged. Joe wants to suck his buddy while his ass is plowed by the handsome dark stranger, so it turns into an acrobatic spitroast. Ray wants a crack at Joe's open hole, and switches position with Max. Then Max lies on the kitchen floor for Joe to ride his cock to his heart's content. Temperature's rising-- three hot dicks are all at the boiling point and about ready to blow. Joe strokes one out and splatters the floor, then both his buds milk out thick creamy shots to drench his face and each others' crotches. Three happy campers kiss, say goodnight and go their separate ways!