Introducing Kai - CUMFU

Channel: CUMFU

I'm happy to introduce you to our newest model Kai. He hails from China but has lived here in the US most of his life where he is working on his Bachelor's degree in Science. With an adventurous side, Kai says he is straight, but will get with guys as well. Naked and stretched out on the bed, I got a great look at his muscular body while he used a vibrator to harden his thick cock. Pumping his member in and out his hand, I got closer as Kai's sensual moans echo. He loved to play with his nipples and moan. With a, "close, close, close," Kai oozed out his thick load, while his hole continued to pucker. For some Behind the Scenes, this is a great opportunity to see Kai's comical personality; it really is all about him and not the fly.